Real Impact

Torah MiTzion’s impact on communities is achieved through a wide variety of educational and social programs.  The most popular frameworks include:

  • ‘Chavruta’ – one-on-one learning sessions between shaliach and community member (adult or youth),
  • ‘Shiurim’ – classes and lectures conducted by the shlichim
  • ‘Events’ – special events, either holiday or subject of interest related

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Here are some of the stats gathered from last year’s activities (2016-2017) from seventeen communities worldwide:  Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Montreal, Toronto, Washington, St. Louis, Chicago, Memphis, Munich, Berlin, Warsaw, Moscow, Montevideo and Mexico City

Hours of one-on-one (‘chavruta’) learning


Number of classes (‘shiurim’) delivered


Number of participants in the classes (‘shiurim’)


Number of Special Events held


Number of attendees at Special Events held


Number of shlichim on the ground


LILMOD – Interactive Jewish Studies Online

LILMOD is the first online-college for Jewish studies that is based on video-conference technology. LILMOD courses are taught by the finest Religious Zionist educators, both male and female.  LILMOD has proven to offer a reliable medium with which to deliver educational content in a fully interactive environment without transmission delays during sessions.

Statistics from 2016-17:

Classes per year


Cumulative Hours of learning


Number of countries represented among registrants


Cumulative YouTube views


Languages of instruction

German, Russian, French


Torah MiTzion’s Impact on Aliyah:

During the past 22 years, Torah MiTzion shlichim have had a profound influence on over 40 host communities.

By serving as living examples of commitment to living a meaningful Jewish life in the modern State of Israel, the shlichim encourage their host community members to strengthen their connection to Israel and Zionist ideals.  By doing so, hundreds of people, both families and singles, have made Aliyah from Torah MiTzion communities throughout the years.

David Kurtz first met Rosh Kollel Munich Rav Yechiel Brukner at a summer camp in Wurzburg.   He began studying Ivrit in chavruta with shaliach Moshe Chefetz.  This led to general Jewish studies with the Munich Kollel while his connection to the Brukner family and Kollel kept growing.

David and Ruth Kurtz and their children live in the Yishuv Tal Menashe in the northern Shomron region, neighbors of the Brukners.

Kurtz Family

From Regensburg Germany to Tal Menashe

Allen & Wendy Berk and children Gavriela, Yardena, Eitan, Kayla, Eliana, Avidan, Ayelet & Keren made aliyah from Dayton Ohio in 2013.  The Berk family live in Nechusha in the Emek Ha’Ela region and are neighbors of former Torah MiTzion shlichim in Dayton Carmi & Liat Ronen.

Berk Family

From Dayton Ohio to Nechusha, Emek Haela

The Torah Mitzion Kollel families and bachurim represented possibility for us. The possibility of living in Israel; the possibility of raising Zionistic children who were well-rounded and well-educated; the possibility of finding more in our lives. They showed us an incredible example of commitment to Israel and religion and set an example that we wanted to follow. They were instrumental in our Aliyah process.


Sussman Family

From Washington D.C. to Neve Daniel