About Torah MiTzion

55000500100086640360noTorah MiTzion was established in 1995 with the goal of strengthening Jewish communities around the globe and infusing them with the love for Torah, the Jewish People and for the State of Israel.   Torah MiTzion strives to impact Jewish communities by creating Torah study centers, empowering youth leadership, creating strong bonds to the State of Israel, and by exemplifying an inspiring model of commitment to both Judaism and Zionism.

Torah MiTzion programs focus on creating personal connections between mentors and students.  The personal connection is facilitated by a wide variety of formal and informal learning frameworks including one-on-one ‘Chavruta’ sessions, Limmud Torah. Torah Mitzion Kollel Sydney!group learning, distance learning and special programs for youth and adults.  Emphasis is placed on maximizing opportunities to interact on the Sabbath and Jewish/Israeli holidays.  This includes a wide array of learning forums such as lectures, services for youth (‘minyanim’), festive meals, and special programs.  

Who are our ‘shlichim’ (emissaries)?

Over the past twenty two years, Torah MiTzion has recruited and trained over 1,300 ‘shlichim’ and matched them with host communities in countries spanning five continents. Torah MiTzion shlichim quickly become an integral part of their host communities. Their love Sydney 5772of Judaism, Torah and Israel is contagious and a source of inspiration for all who participate in their formal and informal educational activities.   Torah MiTzion shlichim serve as a personal example of a generation of Israelis who are committed to both their Judaism and to serving their country and defending their people. Upon completing intensive training, the shlichim arrive ‘plug and play’ ready to initiate and direct educational activities, one-on-one (chavruta) study sessions with members of the community, lecturing, teaching in the local Jewish day schools, conducting Shabbat and Holiday services and programs, sharing Shabbat meals, teaching Ivrit, conducting youth activities and more… Torah MiTzion works closely with host communities in order to provide a team that is matched to meet the needs and dynamics of the community.

Why Choose Torah MiTzion Shlichim?Akiva Davidson (on left) - from reserve duty in Gaza to serving Am Yisrael as shaliach TMT in Montreal

The shlichim are carefully selected graduates from pre-army training academies and the finest Hesder Yeshivot where advanced study is combined with Israeli army service, usually combat duty.  The candidates must fulfill rigorous acceptance criteria, including previous experience in informal education.

The unmarried shlichim typically serve for a period of one  year.  They are role models of the ‘kipah seruga’ (knitted kippa) generation of Religious Zionism, balancing between ‘safra v’sayfa’ (book and sword) – exhibiting commitment to both their tradition and to defending their homeland. During their shlichut, they are also living examples of ‘midrash u’ma’aseh’ (study and action) – continuing to learn while making themselves available to their10626465_10152423922302804_1502582907946272250_n host community in a wide range of educational roles as doers. The ‘Rosh Kollel’ positions are filled by scholars with leadership qualities who have chosen education as a career.  Often the wives of the Rosh Kollel are Torah scholars in their own right as well as professional educators.

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