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Torah MiTzion was established with the goal of strengthening Jewish communities around the globe and infusing them with the love for Torah, the Jewish People and the State of Israel. Over the past twenty two years Torah MiTzion has recruited, trained and dispatched more than thirteen hundred ‘shlichim’ to Jewish communities in countries spanning five continents.  These shlichim have inspired and enriched their host communities through a wide range of formal and informal educational programs.

Interactive Jewish Studies Online

Weekly courses In German, Russian and French

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Limudreshet - Interactive Online Learning in Hebrew

 Torah MiTzion, together with Ma’ale offer  a broad choice of interactive courses in Hebrew especially designed for young women who wish to deepen their knowledge of Torah



Education Center

Kollel Tzioni - Impact Center

Transforming community with Torah study & Zionism

Community Beit Midrash

High impact husband and wife team

Midreshet Tzion

Midreshet Tzion for Women

Enhancing learning and empowering women 

Short-term Programs

Short-term Tailored Programs

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Without the presence of the Torah MiTzion shlichim in my community, it’s unlikely I would have ever made aliyah.  I am proud that the future generations of my family will be living in Israel with thanks to Torah MiTzion.

Erik Claster

from Kansas City to Efrat , Watch full video

Torah MiTzion has empowered the Zionist tendencies of the community, increased the number of students choosing to study in Israel, number of families travelling to Israel, and ultimately individuals making aliyah. We live in an unprecedented generation where Israel is at the center of Jewish life. Torah MiTzion serves to foster the connection of the Jewish people around the world to this reality.

Eddie Shostak

Former Executive Director, Torah MiTzion Montreal

The Torah MiTzion shlichim helped me find a path that I would never have followed if I did not attend their lectures and learn with them one on one in ‘chavruta’. .

Brian Mogy

Torah MiTzion Learner, Memphis Tennessee